Exhibition Appreciations from the Project Coordinator

The Postal Collage Project No.12 exhibition at Shaler Library in Glenshaw, Pittsburgh was special. After 12 years and more than 30 Postal Collage exhibitions, this show was just the third outside the San Francisco Bay Area, and my first opportunity to travel, install and attend. Warm thanks to the Broyles family for the hospitality, making me feel at home.

Event planning and production was handled primarily by Lauren Broyles and Jen Blalock of the Pittsburgh Collage Collective, working with Shaler staff and leadership, Beth Lawry, Adult Services Manager, and Sharon McRae, Director. Thanks to Amy Jackson and Paul Guggenheimer for helping spread the word. 

Special thanks to Jan and Aaron Kather for making the trip, and helping with the install! Above and beyond, as always. Big thanks also to Erin Lawrence, Megan Shope & family, Susan M Mcclellan, Sheila Klotz and Julia K Toal for the indespensible volunteering, and to Patty Tran, Deborah Lieberman, Alexandra Broyles, Deborah Freedman, Ali Karsh, Deborah Eater, Kim Breit, Almah LaVon Rice and Kurt Edwards for your presence and support.

I look forward to bringing Postal Collage Project No.14 to Pittsburgh in Summer 2025!

Marty McCutcheon, Berkeley, August 2023