Postal Collage Terms and Conditions

Round Table Collaboration Postal Collage Project

The terms “participant” and “collaborator” in the text below, both refer to the person registering to participate.


The Postal Collage Project is an annual, global, mail-art project produced by Round Table Collaboration, a Berkeley Commonplace program. 


Throughout the month of August, a collaborator list is assembled. In the final days of August, working groups are established. The work schedule runs in monthly stages from the first of September through the end of February. Exhibition season begins in late March and concludes at the end of August. 


There is no fee to participate, but collaborators pay their own postage. To assure accessibility, there is a donation-based postage assistance fund. Reimbursement of postal costs can be arranged according to available funds.


Each and every collaborator initiates one collage, and completes that collage after their fellow collaborators have contributed to it. Each collaborator is considered the Principal Author of the collage they start and finish, and a Contributing Author of those to which they contributed. 


At the end of the exhibition season, each Principal Author will make arrangements for the return of their collage, or allow it to become part of the the Berkeley Commonplace Collaborative Collage Collection. The Collection is catalogued and maintained for posterity, and selections are included in ongoing, rotating exhibitions. 

The recipient of a collage returned by mail will be responsible for postage plus $10 handling cost. If, by the end of the calendar year, no arrangements for return have been made, that collage becomes part of The Collection.


Any documentary material, including progress pictures and collaborator notes, may be used, in whole or in part, to promote the Project, the Producer, or the Program. Collaborator requests for non-use of their documentation, in whole or in part, will be respected.


Agreement with these terms implies that the participant has read the Project DescriptionNotes and Schedule, and finds nothing therein to interfere with their interest or ability to participate. Additionally, the participant agrees to abide the schedule, to complete the collage they started, and to make it available for exhibition, all to the best of their ability and according to prevailing conditions.

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