Light Blocks 3D Theater

Light Blocks 3D Theater is an interactive, multimedia installation project in which photographic imagery is projected onto a modular, three dimensional screen comprising dozens of prepared cardboard boxes. Viewers rearrange the screen.

Light Box Theater, Catching Light with Building Blocks, was commissioned by the Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco in 2016, and was exhibited in the museum’s Zim Zoom Room throughout 2017.
City Blocks, Light Blocks 3D Theater, San Francisco, features time-lapse video of the downtown San Francisco skyline from within (by B.S. Wise), projected onto boxes sourced and prepared by community-arts volunteers.

Light Blocks 3D Theater, Any Town. Local photographers and filmmakers, in cooperation with community-arts volunteers, bring to the public a multimedia, interactive installation featuring local imagery projected onto a modular screen. Local viewers see a familiar environment from a new perspective, and ‘play’ with that perspective by reshaping the screen.