Exhibition Appreciations from the Project Coordinator

Community Collaborative Collage created by 2-3 dozen anonymous contributors, 32×40 inches, May 13-21, 2023

The Postal Collage Project No.12 exhibition at Berkeley Art Center was enjoyed by scores of visitors during its 9-day run. If you were in attendance, thanks for being there. I hope you liked what you saw. If you brought or sent friends, thank you for sharing the show and growing the audience. I was there every day, enjoying every hour. My sincere, heartfelt appreciation to project collaborators for giving life to this game, and for spicing it up with spirit and style.

Special thanks to Berkeley Art Center Directors Kim Acebo Arteche and Elena Gross for making the venue available; to Israel Forbes for manifold essential help; to Todd Kerr and Berkeley Times for spreading the word in print; to Brianna Meli and Berkeley Public Library for hosting the collage-prep party. 

Big thanks to Trumer Brewery for providing pilsner for the Preview Party, and to Cory McCutcheon for serving it; to Greg Johnson for artfully prepared hors d’oeuvres, and to Berkeley Bowl for additional refreshments. Thanks to Jessica Cadkin, Ellen Lafferty, Genia Gilbert and Jasmine Liang for event assistance, and to Mike Fusello for help with de-install. 

I’m grateful for the dedication and generosity of the Berkeley Commonplace Board of Directors, Andrea Guskin, C.K. Itamura, Ingrid Ekstrom, Jan Kather and Julie Marten. Thank you!

Marty McCutcheon, Berkeley, May 2023