Project No.12 EBMC Appreciations

Exhibition Appreciations from the Project Coordinator

The Postal Collage Project No.12 exhibition at East Bay Media Center was up for more than two weeks, including three full weekends. Opening weekend saw a good, steady flow of visitors, while never feeling crowded. If you attended, thank you very much for being there, and for your thoughtful observations and enjoyable conversations. 

Thank you to Mel Vapour, Paul Blake and LA Wood at EBMC for hosting. Thank you to Todd Kerr, for the introduction to EBMC, and then for the amazing coverage in the Berkeley Times. The articles in the Times, including a front page and two full spreads, introduced many local people to the project, and resulted in a quite a few registrations for Project No.13

City council member Ben Bartlett stopped by and enjoyed the show, sharing it in the ‘Community Spotlight’ section of his weekly newsletter. Thank you, Ben! Thanks, too, to Visit Berkeley for featuring exhibition ads on their electronic kiosks around downtown. 

Special thanks to Askush Nuk for solid assistance with installation and removal.

As always, my deepest appreciation and gratitude to the creators, the project collaborators, whose time, energy and resources are spent turning a simple idea into an impressive reality. Thank you!

Marty McCutcheon, Berkeley, August 2023